NOTICE: The 100 Yard Range in Tampa is currently undergoing maintenance and is closed.

About Us

What is Shooters World?

Shooters World is a chain of Florida’s largest firearm stores, indoor public shooting ranges, and training facilities totaling to a massive 184,000 sq. ft. combined. Aptly dubbed “The Second Amendment Theme Park”, Shooters World is a destination that satisfies the needs of every shooter. With our experienced team ready to assist, there is no need for an extensive knowledge or background in firearms. We welcome newcomers and experts, alike.

Mission & Vision
“Provide Every Guest with the World’s Greatest Firearms Experience”
Shooters World The Village Gun Circle

The Shooters World Retail

The superstores feature beautifully designed retail departments for every type of shooter, in addition to its extensive array of firearms, knives, ammunition and every imaginable accessory. Shooters World has worked with many of the industry’s most popular manufacturers to incorporate beautiful boutique displays to provide the finest presentation of our products. Shooters World proudly offers the region’s only lifetime warranty program for all new and certified pre-owned firearms that are purchased in the retail stores.

Our Five-Star

Shooters World has designed the safest and most advanced public indoor shooting ranges in the Southeast US and all three locations are rated Five Star Facilities by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. The collective 131 firing lanes, varying between 15, 25, 50, and 100 yards, offer shooters an extensive interactive indoor shooting experience. The ranges feature state-of-the-art air conditioning and filtration systems to ensure the highest level of safety and comfort. The shooting range also provides an assortment of Firearm Experiences, including fully-automatic firearms.

The Villages 15 yd Shooting Range Booth
Orlando Training Classroom


Shooters World has an extensive training catalog offered in the facility’s multiple training rooms. Coursework consists of classroom and live fire training on the range and caters to every level and type of shooter. Shooters World delivers the popular Florida Concealed Carry Class, Basic to Advanced firearm-specific classes, and Ladies only instruction. These classes, designed to accommodate a wide variety of shooters, are taught by highly trained, certified instructors. This enables Shooters World to offer affordable classes that not only make you a better firearms owner, but build your confidence, competence and will increase your interest in this amazing industry!

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