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General Questions

Shooters World has several locations, please visit our locations page for more information.

Each location has different hours of operations, please click on the location you’re interested in learning more about: TampaThe VillagesOrlando.

Yes, we encourage special events and our facility is available for Private Event rental. For more information on pricing view our Parties and Corporate Events page or contact us by email at for pricing information.

Shooters World is actively involved in the community and we are always open to sponsorship requests to help out with fundraising efforts for your charitable cause. We do, however, give priority to organizations within West Central Florida.

Yes. We are always looking for energetic, knowledgeable and qualified sales associates, management, etc. Our current plans include expanding in markets which will justify the need for a World Class facility like Shooters World. For information on Employment opportunities, visit our Employment page for available opportunities and to apply online.

Absolutely! We can accommodate up to 250 people for meetings, lunches and dinners hosted at Shooters World. We also allow up to three people in a single lane at a time. Bring your friends and enjoy the Shooters World experience together! Or if you prefer to just watch, please feel free to do so from our bulletproof glass viewing area and lounge.

All of our members enjoy a discount on additional shooter’s lanes.

Yes. We have a full gunsmith shop and staff available on site. For pricing information, please visit our Gunsmith page.

Certainly, a list of all gunsmith services that we offer as well as pricing can be found our Gunsmith page.

We will accommodate large groups, but the exact number varies by location. Please visit our Events Page to submit a request for more information.

Yes, we take pride in working with the customer to provide the lowest cost and greatest firearm experience. We will work within your budget to make sure you get everything you are looking for at Shooters World.

Feel free to reach out to our Events Manager as we will cater any type of food that you would like to have for the event. For more information on pricing view our Events page or contact us by email at for pricing information.

Yes! Our Concealed Weapons Permit class includes the photographs as part of the class fee. In this way, the Concealed Weapons Permit class is a one-stop shop for submitting your application.

Shooters World offers a Lifetime Warranty on all new and certified used firearms purchased at our locations.

Yes, Monday is Shooters World ladies day! On Mondays, women who are non-members may use the range for free on available lanes. Women who are members are entitled to a free handgun rental on Mondays as well.

We also provide “Ladies Only” options for multiple training courses (including introduction to shooting, selecting a defensive firearm, and concealed carry) for ladies that desire a lady’s only learning environment. Please note that Shooters World will do everything possible to accommodate women at our range at all times, as well as men.

Yes. There is a discounted fee for members and a $75.00 processing fee for non-members. Please visit our FFL Transfer page for more information.


Membership information and the application is available on our website here. You can read about the different types of memberships we offer and complete the application at your convenience in store, online or through the mail.

Shooters World is open to the general public and membership is not required to use our shooting range. However, please keep in mind that our membership program is less cost to the shooter if you plan to shoot more than once per month. The membership allows the member to buy ammo which may be in short supply due to high demands. Also remember that membership carries special benefits including lane reservations, training discounts, guest passes and quick cleans on all guns.

We offer discounted membership rates to retired military and law enforcement personnel. See the Membership page for more information.

Memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable as per the signed member agreement. Please visit our Membership Page for more membership information or email with questions!


Shooters World has an extensive list of classes offered for any training needs including firearm introductionconcealed carrydefensive firearms, low light shooting, skill builders and many more.

If you wish to focus on an aspect that is not covered in our available trainings, Private Instruction is always available for our customers and we can tailor it to your specific needs and desires. Custom training is also offered for individuals, couples or a small group. As an added level of convenience, private in-home training is available as well for individuals and groups of any size. Contact for more information.

It can take up to ninety days maximum but most of the permits take less than two weeks to obtain after the CWP class.


You must be at least 18 years old to participate in a long gun Firearm Experience. To shoot a handgun, full auto, or silencer, you must be at least 21 years old.

Yes, our range can accommodate fully automatic firearms. Information on machine gun experiences are available on our Firearm Experience page.

Yes, minors ages 7 and up are allowed on the range under the watch of a parent or guardian. If accompanying a minor, you must be aware of their shooting activities and are responsible for their actions at all times. Please visit our Range Rules & Policies page for more information.

No, shooters are welcome to enjoy an experience with our extensive selection of over 200 firearms, which include handguns, shotguns, and fully automatic firearms as well as used guns. View our selection on our firearm experience page.

Yes, as long as it doesn’t distract another shooter, present a hazard, violate trademark and copyright designs, or violate any of the Range Safety Rules.

Yes, in the rare event that you may have to wait for a range lane, please feel free to browse our expansive retail section or wait in the viewing area and lounge, where soft drinks, coffee and water are available.

Yes, we have a section of lockers that are available for rental per month.

Yes, utilizing radial diffusers and custom ventilation designs, our mechanical engineers manufactured and installed the best solution to the ventilation issues facing indoor firing ranges. Our system exceeds NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA air quality standards.

At the conclusion of a shooting session, shooters may collect their own personal fired brass as long as they do not disrupt the shooters around them or create a safety hazard. Shooters are NOT permitted to reach across the firing line to retrieve other shooters brass at any time. Shooters are also cautioned to examine all rounds collected for the potential of non-fired live rounds that may have accidentally dropped on the floor.

Shooters are not permitted to draw from a holster and fire unless they are under the direct supervision and approval of an instructor.

Yes, our facility is ADA accessible. If a shooter requires any special accommodations on the range, please notify the Range Safety Officer who will help to ensure the comfortable shooting experience that Shooters World provides for all customers.

TAMPA (34 LANES) (27) 25-Yard Lanes (7) 100 Yard Lanes ORLANDO (58 LANES) (20) 15-Yard Lanes (20) 25-Yard Lanes (9) 50 Yard Lanes (9) 100 Yard Lanes THE VILLAGES (39 LANES) (20) 15-Yard Lanes (10) 25-Yard Lanes (9) 100 Yard Lanes

No, black powder firearms are not permitted on the range.

No, not currently.

Yes, however there are limitations. All ammo must be jacketed and no steel cores, no tracers, armor piercing bullets, or reloads are allowed. Also remember that members receive a discount on range ammo. Membership discounts exclude ammunition and firearms. All firearm experiences require the purchase of ammo from Shooters World.

If you are a permanent resident of the United States and have been issued a green card or are from a country which participates in the Visa Waiver Program, you may rent and shoot firearms at our range. Non-immigrant aliens which do not fall into either of those categories may also shoot at the range with a valid U.S. state-issued hunting license.
More information about the Visa Waiver Program

It is $20 per person per hour to use the pistol range and $30 per hour on the rifle range. These prices do not include ammunition or targets.

Yes, we allow rifles under .50 caliber. We DO NOT allow ammunition that is steel core, armor piercing, tracer, incendiary, or bi-metal jacketed. Shotguns are allowed, however the rounds must be slugs only. No birdshot, target loads, or buckshot is prohibited. We ask that you inform our range staff that you intend on shooting a rifle or shotgun prior to entering the range so that they may verify your ammunition is appropriate for use on our range.

To participate in a Shooters World Firearm Experience you must have at least two people in your group or have your own personal firearm with you. This is our company policy and we do not make any exceptions to this rule. We appreciate your understanding!

We require shooters to wear closed-toed footwear and shirts that aren’t low cut to avoid getting potentially burned by spent shell casings. All shooters are also required to wear eye and ear protection prior to entering the range. Tank tops are not permitted on the range. Hoodies are never allowed at any time. Also, no pants are ever allowed below the waistline. Sunglasses and hats need to be removed prior to entering the facility. Management reserves the right to ask anyone to leave due to inappropriate dress and invoke a trespassing rule.


Yes, Shooters World buys, sells, and consigns used and estate guns.

Our current Return Policy is “Firearms, firearm components, optics, knives, ammunition, memberships, and gift cards may not be returned. All firearms that have been dispositioned are considered used. All firearm returns that have not been dispositioned are subject to a 25% restocking fee. If you are purchasing a firearm and you do not have a Concealed Weapons License, your purchase will be subject to a 5 business day wait before your firearm is able to be released. All other items may be returned within 30 days of purchase with the original sales receipt. All items must be returned unused, in original packaging, with all manuals and accessories."

Yes, and we will do everything possible to secure your desired firearm as soon as it becomes available in the event of a shortage due to high demand or low production. For information on the firearms we can special order, please email us at

Absolutely! Please visit our Employment page for more information.

The customer may receive the firearm purchased upon completion of an ATF Form 4473 and a NICS background check. More information can be obtained on the ATF website at and

The minimum age to purchase a firearm within Florida is twenty-one years old and ammunition can be purchased at eighteen years old per Florida’s state laws and regulations.

Yes you can at Shop Shooters World. But you can't have them delivered to your home. Your firearm will be delivered to a FFL dealer you choose during your online checkout.

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