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Magnum Research Desert Eagle .357 Magnum

Magnum Research Desert Eagle, .357 Magnum in Black Finish
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The Magnum Research Desert Eagle .357 Magnum is a high-caliber semi-automatic pistol renowned for its distinctive design and powerful performance. Originating from a collaboration between American and Israeli engineers, the Desert Eagle features a gas-operated mechanism, which is atypical for handguns but contributes to its ability to handle high-pressure cartridges like the .357 Magnum. Its robust construction, usually crafted from stainless steel, gives it a hefty feel and significant recoil mitigation. The pistol’s iconic appearance, characterized by its large frame and unique barrel design, has made it a popular choice in various media, from movies to video games. Despite its substantial weight and size, the Desert Eagle .357 Magnum is celebrated for its accuracy, reliability, and the sheer stopping power of its rounds, making it a favored choice among enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate both form and function in their firearms.
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357 MAG
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3 lbs

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