Ruger Firearms

Ruger® has been a staple of American firearms for a very long time. They are one of the nations leading manufacturers of firearms for the commercial sporting market. Ruger firearms are built rugged, reliable, and quality crafted. Ruger’s product line consists of handguns, revolvers, and rifles. Something to meet the needs of your sportsman, law enforcement and government agencies.

Our Shooters World locations in TampaOrlando and The Villages offer many Ruger styles.

Common RUGER Questions

Q: Is Ruger a good brand?
A: Ruger handguns have had a shorter time on the market. They are more compared to GLOCK, but GLOCK is the most well-known brand. To answer the question, it comes down to personal preference and price point.
Q: What types of firearms does Ruger make?
A: Ruger has a diversity of products. They make pistols, revolvers and long guns.
Q: What is Ruger known for?
A: Ruger is the market leader of .22 LR Rim Fire rifle in the U.S. Their 10/22 semiautomatic rifle is popular and relatively inexpensive. 

Which Ruger should I buy?

At Shooters World, you can try before you buy. Our firearm experiences allow you try pistols, machine guns and shotguns before making your buying decision. With all the variations of Ruger firearms, you can choose the best model for you.

Learn more about some of the Ruger models below.

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Please Note: some firearms may not be available for our Firearms Experience or may not be in stock. Please contact a Shooters World location near you to confirm if firearm is available.

Ruger Pistols

Ruger 57 Model 16401 pistol Ruger

Ruger® 57

Ruger American Pistol Duty Model 8605 Ruger

Ruger® American® Pistol Duty

Ruger Blackhawk Model 5773 Revolver

Ruger® Blackhawk Revolver

Ruger EC9 Model 3283 Luger Luger

Ruger® EC9s®

Ruger LC380 pistol Ruger

Ruger® LC380®

Ruger LCR 22WMR revolver Revolver

Ruger® LCR® 22WMR

Ruger Mark IV Ruger

Ruger® Mark IV™ Standard

Ruger Security 9 pistol Ruger

Ruger® SECURITY-9®

Ruger SP101 22LR revolver Ruger

Ruger® SP101 22LR

Ruger SP101 Model 5718 revolver Ruger

Ruger® SP101 357Mag Revolver 5718

Ruger SP101 Model 5719 revolver Revolver

Ruger® SP101 357Mag Revolver 5719

Ruger SP101 Model 5773 revolver Revolver

Ruger® SP101 357Mag Revolver 5773

Ruger SR1911 pistol Ruger

Ruger® SR1911® Full Size

Ruger SR22 pistol Ruger

Ruger® SR22®

Ruger Wrangler Revolver Revolver

Ruger® Wrangler Revolver

Ruger Semiautomatic Rifles

Ruger® 10/22 Carbine Model 1103 Semiautomatic Rifle Ruger

RUGER® 10/22 Carbine

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