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Welcome to Shooters World University! Here at Shooters World we prioritize training and offer a variety of courses designed to help you become a safe a responsible gun owner. Browse our class selection below and find you the course that’s right for you!

New Firearm Experience Policy: To participate in the shooting portion of any class you must provide your own firearm. If you do not have your own firearm and need to experience one from our range, you will have to be in a party of two people to do so. We no longer provide firearms for customers participating in a class by themselves. (*Party requirements for range experience: both members of the party must be over 18, they must both be participating in the range portion, and both must legally be allowed to handle a firearm).

Classes are available in Tampa, Orlando and Villages.

Beginner Firearms Training Classes

Advanced Firearms Training

Security Guards and Law Enforcement

Womens Firearms Training

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