NOTICE: The 100 Yard Range in Tampa is currently undergoing maintenance and is closed.

G-License Security Requalification

The State of Florida requires that all Florida License G Armed Security Officers requalify at least once per year with the type of handgun that they carry on duty. This 4-hour course meets all state mandates, including a standard written requalification test. If students successfully requalify, a State Certificate of Firearms Proficiency will be provided upon completion of the course. In regards to the firearm used to qualify; it must be a standard duty weapon for uniformed personnel. Some G-License holders are authorized to carry concealed; those individuals may qualify with sub-compact firearms.

All students must wear closed-toe shoes and a shirt with sleeves to participate in the class. Please fill out your liability waiver before the start of the class – click here for wavier

Security guards watching security video
4 Hour Class

Armed Security Officers Class

$ 75
  • $10 for each additional firearm requalification
  • This is a requalification class for those who already have their G-License.

Shooters World Provides:

  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Targets

Student Supplies:

  • You must bring your personal firearm to use in the course. If you do not have one, Shooters World can provide one for use in the range, but you must be accompanied by another person. We cannot provide a firearm if you are shooting by yourself. If you are not able to provide your own firearm you will be able to take the class but not participate in the range portion. 
  • Firearm chambered in .38SPL, 9MM, 40S+W, or 45ACP
  • Gun Belt with holster, magazine, and speed-loader pouches
  • 2-3 magazines for semi-automatic handguns
  • 2 speed-loaders if qualifying with a revolver
  • 50 rounds of ammunition. Shooters World will also have ammunition to purchase in store.
  • Florida G-License Identification Card
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