First Shots

Are you ready to take your First Shots? The biggest challenge for new shooters is getting started. We know the world of firearms can be intimidating and many people are anxious about firing a gun for the first time. That’s why we offer our First Shots class.

What to expect:

  • Rules: You’ll learn the basic safety rules for when handling a firearm and you’ll get an overview of Shooters World’s range rules and standard range commands.
  • Readiness: You’ll walk away with a basic understanding of grip, stance, aiming, and sight alignment. You’ll also learn how and when to safely pull the trigger for the first time.
  • Range: You’ll take to the range for your first ever shots on a target using one of our 10/22 Ruger .22LR rifles with 5 rounds of ammunition. Here you’ll get to experience the thrill of shooting in a calm, safe environment with the supervision of our trained instructors.

This course is great for families, first timers, or anyone who has been reluctant to give firearms a try because they have been too nervous. Sit in for the class and if you decide you aren’t ready to take your first shots, you are welcome to opt out! Range time is optional. This is your opportunity to take it all in at your own pace and in a safe environment. Book your seat today and come and enjoy your First Shots with us!

What to know:

  • Waiver: You’ll need to fill out a waiver before participating in the range portion of the class. You can start that process now online before you arrive for class. Click here to begin
  • Clothing: All those who wish to participate in the range portion will need to bring closed toe shoes. No low cut or sleeveless tops are allowed. You may want to bring hair ties if you have long hair and a jacket in case you get cold on the range.
  • Gear: You’ll need ear and eye protection for the range. If you don’t have your own yet, we can provide some for you to use while on the range.
  • Ammunition: 5 rounds of .22LR ammo and a target will be provided for use on the range to anyone who chooses to participate.
  • Firearm: If you own one, you can leave it at home! We’ll also provide the 10/22 rifle for use during the shooting portion of the class.
Two Adults and a 10:22 rifle
2 Hour Class

Ages 11+ • Introductory Shooting Class

  • Basic Firearm Safety
  • How a gun works
  • Grip + Stance
  • Aim + Sight Alignment
  • Take your First Shots

This class includes:

  • Use of a 10/22 Rifle (for the supervised range portion)
  • (5) Rounds of .22LR (for anyone participating on the range)
  • Eye and Ear protection rental
  • (1) First Shots Target


This class is designed with first timers in mind. If you have experience shooting and are looking for tips, help, or the fundamentals of firearm safety, we encourage you to sign up for our Intro to Handguns class or schedule a private lesson with one of our certified training staff. The topics covered in this class are introductory level and won’t include any in-depth handgun safety principles or shooting proficiency. This is your opportunity to try shooting for the first time with 5 rounds of .22LR on a small rifle.

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